ALFA Ajoin T2 Keyboard File and Mouse switch - File transfer

Ajoin-T2 is the KFM (Keyboard, File and mouse) functionality cable to control 2 computers with a set of keyboard and mouse. With Ajoin-T2 you can copy, paste text, picture and all kind of data from one computer to another computer. Most lovely it support across platform from Windows to Mac or Windows to Windows or Mac to Mac.

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Plug-and-Play has a new meaning!
Control & share files between 2 computers using a single keyboard and mouse

The ALFA Ajoin-T2 is a KFM (Keyboard, File and mouse) cable allowing control of 2 computers via a single keyboard and mouse.
Using Ajoin-T2 one can copy & paste between Windows and MAC machines without installed additional drivers, USB keys or network connections.



Host Interface USB 2.0 Type-A Male
OS Support Windows 7, 8 & 10
Max OSX 10.12
Drivers Build-In; click to install
Max Line Rate Up to 480Mbps
Power 5V / 150mA
LED Indicator Link / Active
Cable Length 2m

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